John Mack - Newtown Supervisor

Issues of Importance to Newtown

As an elected member of the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors, I hope to build upon my experience and success as an HOA board member to improve the quality of life in Newtown.

Advocate for Good Government

FlagWe need an open and honest government that works for the good of everyone in the Newtown community.  I will work hard to develop and implement more effective print and digital media communications that will inform and engage residents and businesses regarding issues before the Board of Supervisors (BOS).


Practice Fiscal Responsibility

For the past few years, Newtown Township’s spending has exceeded its revenues, due primarily to the loss of Earned Income Tax (EIT) dollars from the closing of Lockheed Martin. 

This deficit spending cannot continue. 

I will help keep Newtown’s property tax rate one of the lowest in Bucks County while putting the Township’s financial house in order.


Fight the Opioid Epidemic

My team and I will do whatever it takes to help find solutions to the opioid addiction crisis sweeping across our nation and community. This includes working with law enforcement, federal, state and county government, as well as the Council Rock School District, to prevent and protect against drug abuse and help our families who are struggling with this directly. 


Improve the Quality of Our Roads

Newtown Township has approximately 78 miles of roads. Given that the lifespan of new roads is 20 years, it is estimated that 3.5 miles of roads must be milled and repaved each year to keep up. For many years, however, only about 1 or 2 miles of roads have been resurfaced while many more miles have been patched and repatched or have potholes as does the road in this photo.




Protect Our Environment

As someone with graduate degrees in biochemistry from Columbia University and who majored in chemistry at Franklin and Marshall College, I am concerned about chemicals in our environment whether it be contaminants in our water and air or illegal drugs. I will be proactive in ensuring our air is clean & our drinking water is free from harmful chemicals due to fracking & PFOA/S contamination.


Preserve Our Open Space

Open SpaceOpen space improves our quality of life, reduces stress on our resources and increases our home values.

The residents of Newtown recognize this and voted in 2008 by a margin of 2 to 1 to expand our open space. Very little has been done to acquire additional open space since 2009.

As a Supervisor, I will make the presevation and acquisition of open space a priority. Some suggestions for doing this include:

  • Reinstate the open space committee of volunteers which was disbanded years ago.
  • Seek out county and state funding and think outside the box to maximize our open space and improve our existing parks, without increasing property taxes.
  • Work with property owners to find creative solutions to preserve space.

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