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April 2019 Issue

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Selected Past Issues

  • Human Relations Commission Gets Organized, Wawa Submits Traffic Impact Study, More... (March 2019). Meet the members of the Human Relations Commission, which was established by the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance. Wawa Submits a Traffic Impact Study: "WAWA - NEWTOWN BYPASS (SR 0332) & LOWER SILVER LAKE ROAD TRANSPORTATION IMPACT STUDY" - was paid for by the developer. The results confirm what many people fear: increased traffic congestion.

  • 2019 Roadway Program, PFAS in Newtown Water, Smashed Mailbox Policy, More... (February 2019). Find out what roads will be "rehabilitated" (i.e., repaved) in 2019. Learn about perfluorinated compounds (i.e., PFOS and PFOA Definition) detected in Newtown's water supply. Is Newtown's website and social media presence all that it can be? What's Newtown's policy on reimbursement of expenses to replace mailboxes destroyed by a Newtown/Contractor plow truck? Access the entire issue here.

  • News of Interest to Newtown Area Residents (February 2019). Articles:
    • How Does Newtown Township’s Website Stack Up?
    • A Deeper Understanding of the "Redsk*ns" Conversation
    • Beer and Birds Need Clean Delaware River Watershed Water,
    • Newtown Supervisors receive long-awaited fire, emergency services study
    Access the entire issue here.

  • News of Interest to Newtown Area Residents (January 2019). Articles:
    • Newtown Township Board of Supervisors Hires Philadelphia Captain as Newtown's Next Police Chief
    • Arcadia Green Three Peat: Sues Newtown Again!
    • Term "Redskin" is Offensive, Neshaminy Teacher & Former Student Playwickian Editor Testify
    • The Top Ten Local News Stories in 2018: “Curated” by John Mack
    Access the entire issue here.

  • While We Ring in the New Year, Let's Celebrate What was Accomplished in 2018! (January 1, 2019). Articles include: (1) Notable Accomplishments in 2018, (2) Newtown Sues Opioid Manufacturers! Survey: Test your knowledge of statistics regarding opioids and the opioid epidemic, then answer the question: Do You Support Newtown's Decision to File a Civil Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers? (3) The 2018 Fire and Emergency Services Study. Access the entire issue here.

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Summaries of Board of Supervisors/Committee Meetings

BOS IconI write about and comment upon decisions made at Board of Supervisors (BOS) and other public meetings, including Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, and other meetings. Many articles include links to short videos of selected presentations and public comments made at BOS meetings.


I often host surveys whenever an important issue comes before the Board of Supervisors, sometimes even before the issue is discussed by the Board. This gives subscribers an opportunity to voice their opinion anonymously about issues. The results are published in the newsletter and shared with the Board of Supervisors and the general public.

Blog Post Updates

My blog focuses on a range of topics such as water quality, preservation of open space, opioid epidemic, etc. The newsletter provides more in-depth versions of blog posts and includes information that was not available at the time the posts were written. This keeps subscribers up to date on important issues affecting Newtown Township.

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