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Each month I publish several email newsletters: Newtown News Update (NTNU) and News of Interest to Newtown Area Residents (NOI) and Newtown Township Meeting Notes (NTMN) as needed. NTNU includes in-depth coverage of an issue of topical importance to residents. NOI is a collection of summaries of articles curated from various news and other sources focused on a broader range of topics in the Newtown area. NTMN is designed to keep residents informed about important discussions & decisions made at Board of Supervisors meetings. Busy residents do not have the time to attend every public meeting. You need just the facts and links to further information if you care to dig deeper. That is precisely the goal of Newtown Township Meeting Notes.

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Most Recent Issues

  • Curated News of Interest (January 2021). Access the entire issue here. Topics include:
    • Final Newtown Township 2021 Budget Further Reduces Tax Increase
    • A Review of Major 2020 Decisions and Actions of the Newtown Board of Supervisors
    • Newtown Area Magisterial District Judge Michael W. Petrucci Announces Re-election Campaign
    • The Newtown Township Supervisors to Keep Fighting Arcadia, But Solicitor Doesn't Rule Out a Settlement at Some Point
    • Green Parrot Fighting Eviction As Coronavirus Cripples Business
    • More.. 
  • Newtown Township Meeting Notes (December 22, 2020). Access the entire issue here. Topics include:
    • Supervisors refuse to vote on proposed Arcadia III settlement
    • Supervisors vote 3-2 to approve the 2021 budget with a 3.99 Mill tax increase

Selected Past Issues

For a complete list of all articles published by John Mack, see Article Index.

  • Newtown News Update (December 2020). Access the entire issue here. Entire issue devoted to:
    • Highlights of Important Decisions Made By Newtown Supervisors in 2020
  • Curated News of Interest (December 2020). Access the entire issue here. Topics include:
    • Newtown Residents Voice Concern Regarding Tax Increase
    • Bucks County Plans No Tax Increase for 2021
    • Newtown Athletic Club Defies New State COVID-19 Mitigation Orders
    • Summary of Jointure Comprehensive Plan Survey
    • Recruitment for PFAS Health Study Begins This Spring
    • More..
  • Newtown News Update (November 2020). Access the entire issue here. Topics include:
    • Supervisors Vote to "Hang" the Preliminary 2021 Budget
    • Survey Reveals Which Cuts to Budget Expenses Are OK With Residents
    • More...
  • Newtown Township Meeting Notes (November 10, 2020). Access the entire issue here. Topics include:
    • Reduced Tax Increase?
    • October 2020 Police Report - serious crime on the rise
    • Jointure Discusses Trails Connecting Communities
    • More...

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Summaries of Board of Supervisors/Committee Meetings

BOS IconI write about and comment upon decisions made at Board of Supervisors (BOS) and other public meetings, including Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, and other meetings. Many articles include links to short videos of selected presentations and public comments made at BOS meetings.


I often host surveys whenever an important issue comes before the Board of Supervisors, sometimes even before the issue is discussed by the Board. This gives subscribers an opportunity to voice their opinion anonymously about issues. The results are published in the newsletter and shared with the Board of Supervisors and the general public.

Blog Post Updates

My blog focuses on a range of topics such as water quality, preservation of open space, opioid epidemic, etc. The newsletter provides more in-depth versions of blog posts and includes information that was not available at the time the posts were written. This keeps subscribers up to date on important issues affecting Newtown Township.

And Much More!
Curated Content

I "scoop" - curate - stories from regional and local news sources and pages of my website that may be of interest to Newtown Township area residents. Each "scoop" is an edited summary and links back to the original source article and related information. Any opinions and/or insights appended to these article summaries are solely those of John Mack and do not represent the opinions of any other person or entity.

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The opinions expressed here are solely those of John Mack and do not represent the opinions of any other person or entity.
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