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14 September 2022 BOS Meeting Summary

Gun Show Settlement Flaws, Comprehensive Plan, LED Street Light Program, Women’s Right to Choose Resolution, Stormwater Management, August 2022 Police Report, More…

This is my personal summary of the September 14, 2022, meeting of Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS). This is not a complete nor an official summary.

Access the 2022 BOS Chronicle for a more detailed summary of this meeting plus an updated BOS voting record (UNOFFICIAL) for 2022.

Agenda Items

Review of the Joint Comprehensive Plan

Peggy Driscoll, Chair of the NT Planning Commission, gave her report:

"The members were provided with an electronic copy of the draft comprehensive plan and its accompanying maps on the afternoon of the meeting. Some of the members did have time to begin reading the draft and we began to discuss some possible questions. Primarily we were interested in learning the changes from the 2009 plan.

"The Bucks County Planning Commission will be at our next meeting...[to give a] brief overview of the new comp plan draft at that time. She will also ask for the red lined copy for comparison. Our members were particularly interested in the sources for the various floodplain and wetland maps, demographic data etc."

View the video of her remarks.

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Resident Points Out Flaws in #NewtownPA's Anti-Gun Show Agreement With The NAC Sports Training Center

Resident Frank McCarron criticized the anti-gun show agreement between the township and the Sports Training Center located at 116 Pheasant Run and 209 Penns Trail in Newtown Township.

Mr. McCarron specifically focused on the meaning of "primary purpose," which is not defined by the agreement and thus opens a loophole to allow the Center to host at least one event every year that sells all kinds of guns - including assault rifles.

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DVRPC Regional Streetlight Procurement Program

LED streetlights, traffic signals, and exterior lighting present an excellent opportunity for municipalities to reduce energy use and operating costs while improving public safety. DVRPC’s Regional Street Lighting Procurement Program (RSLPP) pools the decision-making and purchasing power of municipalities so that they can confidently and cost effectively access the resources needed to complete an LED street and exterior lighting project. Municipal participants benefit from reduced product and labor pricing, a common step-by-step program timeline, access to financing, if needed, and technical and legal assistance in designing and implementing projects.

According to the September 9, 2022, Engineer’s Report: “RVE attended the DVRPC Informational Session on 8/30/2022 for the Round 4 funding.” To be a candidate for this round of funding, the township must sign a letter of intent.

View the section of official meeting video starting where the Township Engineer describes the process. The BOS voted unanimously to authorize the signing of the letter.

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Resolution Supporting Women’s Right to Choose

A large audience was present at the September 14, 2022, BOS meeting.
Many made comments opposing the proposed “Women’s Right to Choose” resolution.

At the request of supervisor Elen Snyder, the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) agreed unanimously at its July 13, 2022, public meeting to vote on a resolution in support of women’s reproductive rights. The resolution clearly states that it focuses on the BOS’s affirmation of this right. However, “Township” is mentioned in the WHEREAS section and many commenters objected to this, believing that the resolution cannot speak for the majority of residents of Newtown.

View the section of official meeting video starting where this resolution is discussed – including comments from many attendees. The supervisors – by a vote of 3-2 – decided to table the decision until the next BOS meeting.

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Stormwater Management Ordinance Update

The BOS voted 5-0 to authorize the advertising of the township’s Stormwater Management Ordinance Update, which is intended to meet DEP MS4 requirements.

Some quick takeaways from Jan Filios, a member of the NT Environmental Advisory Council (via personal communication):

“I expect that since the MS4 requires meadows and native plants, and specific mowing times to avoid invasives getting hold, that the current specifications for different types of turf grass would no longer be appropriate requirements for MS4. There are different runoff formulas for each; native grasses slow stormwater better and provide deeper roots for rainwater filtration into the ground water.

“The new ordinance goes much further, which is great. Essentially, there should be "Low Impact Development" (LID) practices incorporated into stormwater systems. LID () is a system that further combines green infrastructure and engineering. This has already been embedded in EPA recommendations; it is not new news. Basically, more methods need be incorporated to prevent erosion and flooding by slowing down rainwater and getting it to infiltrate on site, rather than channeling it willy-nilly into streams. In the case of MS4, we already have impaired streams. Examples of GI/LID practices in addition to rain gardens and vegetate swales are pervious pavements, green roofs.”

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Manager's Report

Upcoming Meeting Information

  • Wawa/Provco will be at the September 28 Meeting
  • The 2023 Budget Presentation is scheduled for October 12.
  • Toll has granted an extension until November 9 (This will also be the evening that the recommendation to advertise the budget will be on the agenda)

2023 Budget

We have met with all department heads related to the needs of the Township for the 2023 Budget. The 2023 Budget is being assembled and all schedules updated in accordance with the recent input from the Board. In the near future we will be reaching out to schedule preliminary discussions.

August 2022 Police Report

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Official Video

View the official video of the meeting on Youtube for more details.


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