John Mack - Newtown Supervisor

John Mack

  • I have been a resident of Newtown Township since 1995
  • I recently retired from my pharmaceutical online publishing business
  • I am a member of the Newtown Business Association
  • I have B.A. degree from Franklin and Marshall College, an M.S. and MPhil degree in biochemistry from Columbia University and a M.A. degree in communication arts & computer graphics from the New York Institute of Technology
  • I am a member of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • I have served on the Country Bend Homeowners' Association Executive Board since April, 2015
  • I am married to my wonderful wife Debbie for more than 33 years and we have two grown sons who attended Council Rock North and the Pennsylvania State University

What Are the Responsibilities of Newtown Township Supervisors?

The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (aka BOS Definition) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of township government including finance, administration, public works, police, emergency services, codes enforcement, parks and recreation, and planning. The BOS hires all professional consultants including legal, planning and engineering services. The BOS is responsible for reviewing and approving or denying all land development plans and zoning amendment changes.

Township Supervisors Definition fulfill their elected official duties by regularly attending, and actively participating in, meetings of the board of supervisors. Township supervisors should actively seek input from their residents and tax payers, ask thoughtful questions of staff and advisory boards, be open-minded to new ideas, and work with their fellow board members for the good of their township This may mean setting aside preconceived notions and sometimes taking an unpopular position that is in the best interests of the township as a whole.

Why I Want to Be a Newtown Township Supervisor

I'm sworn in as Supervisor by
District Judge Mick Petrucci.

First and foremost, I wish to be more involved in my community and build upon my experience and success as a home owners’ association (HOA) executive board member. The duties of a member of the township Board of Supervisors (BOS) are similar to those of an HOA board member, but on a much larger scale.

My experience on the Country Bend HOA Board has been very rewarding in terms of accomplishing much needed changes that has gotten the community more involved in the governance process. I believe that better communications between the Newtown Board of Supervisors and HOAs will help improve citizen participation in local government as well.

One of the accomplishments I am extremely proud of is getting the Country Bend HOA Board approval for installing new playgrounds that are up-to-code in terms of safety and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. To do this, I started with a survey of homeowners via the HOA website, which I created and maintain. I then assembled and managed a “Tot Lot Committee” of volunteer parents who decided what new equipment would be installed, reviewed the vendor bids, and made a recommendation to the HOA board regarding which vendor to work with.

That project improved our community and attracted new, younger families to live in our neighborhood. This, I believe, is an essential goal for Newtown. It is good for home values and for business.

Currently, I am working on getting home owners to sign on to a community trash service. This had been tried before by our HOA using a "top down" approach; i.e., atttempting to change the bylaws so that a mandatory service could be implemented with less than the required 90% of home owners agreeing. My approach was "bottom up" and offered the service as a voluntary option. However, to get the best and lowest price, 85% of home owners had to sign on. I am happy to say that with the help of volunteers ("Trash Ambassadors"), we have manged to get the necessary number of people to commit to signing a new contract with a single trash company. This took a great deal of education and communication with residents, which is something I am continuing to do as a Supervisor.

I have been proactive in communicating with the Township about the condition of the roads and speeding in my neighborhood. In doing so, I have been praised for my passion and enthusiasm in representing my community. As a result, Everett Drive will be repaved in 2018 and speed signs were placed on Davis Lane recently.

As supervisor I am in a position to fight for similar improvements on behalf of the entire Newtown community and represent interests of residents no matter what their political party affiliation.

How Familiar am I With the Issues Before the Board of Supervisors?

First, as an HOA Board member, I am familiar with the issues of importance to the residents of our community, such as the quality of our drinking water, Fracking Definition, traffic, preservation of open space, opioid addiction and drug overdose, and other issues. Many of these issues involve chemicals in our environment. As someone trained in chemistry and pharmacology, I am in a unique position to evaluate the threats posed by chemicals. As Supervisor, I will bring my knowledge and training to the table in order to address these issues and inform the public.

What Can I Offer the Board That is Unique?

There is one area where I believe the Newtown BOS can use my unique talents as a communications professional – and that is in improving communications with the 20,000 people who reside in Newtown Township.

I have posted live video on my Facebook page from selected meetings so that residents who cannot attend in person can not only see and hear the debate but participate as well. I hope to continue to use this and other social media technology to improve communications between the BOS and Town residents.

The opinions expressed here are solely those of John Mack and do not represent the opinions of any other person or entity. 

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The opinions expressed here are solely those of John Mack and do not represent the opinions of any other person or entity.
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