John Mack - Newtown Supervisor


Elected Vice Chairman in 2022

My name is John Mack and on November 5, 2019, I was re-elected to serve a 6-year term as a Newtown Supervisor. I would like to thank all the citizens who came out and voted that Tuesday. I will do my best to work as a Supervisor serving all Newtown Township residents.

Honesty · Integrity · Experience

As a Supervisor, I keep busy learning about and making decisions about issues of concern to residents, including the pollution of our streams and lakes, perfluoronated hydrocarbons (PFAS) in our drinking water, preservation of open space, traffic and pedestrian safety, fiscal management, and development. On average, I spend more than 40 hours every month on official Supervisor activities including interacting with residents, preparing for meetings, and attending meetings (read "What's the Hourly 'Wage' of a Newtown Township Supervisor?").

Crosswalk Imrovements

On January 12, 2022, the Newtown Board of Supervisors voted to replace the existing decorative brick crosswalks at Silo Dr and N Sycamore St with high visibility pavement markings (black and white piano key pattern).  The following day the Public Works Department was implementing that improvement! Kudos to the Township Management & PW for their quick response.

Silo Dr & N Sycamore St: Thursday, January 13, 2022.
Thank you Public Works for the quick response! Stay safe!

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