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Kevin Antoine Speaks on Equality Act

On March 11, 2021, I hosted a Zoom to commemorate the passage of Newtown Township's LOVE is LOVE Resolution.

The primary goal of this meeting was to discuss ideas on raising awareness of discrimination against and bullying of the LGBTQ+ minority youth in our community. Participants also discussed building ally ship to combat all forms of discrimination.

Several activists, elected officials and students were guest speakers. One speaker was Kevin Antoine, who is the Chief Diversity Equity Inclusion Officer at Bucks County Community College, and the Chair of Newtown Township’s Human Relations Commission.

In this 10-minute audio clip from the meeting, Mr. Antoine talks about the Equality Act that was recently passed by the U S House of Representatives. He explains why this Act is necessary to amend all previous federal civil rights laws. The Act is monumental because, if passed by the Senate, the rights of LGBTQ citizens would be protected by these laws, which currently do not offer such protection.

Mack's Newtown Voice · Kevin Antoine Speaks About the Equality Act

Some takeaways from the meeting include:

  • Information about the Equality Act
  • The importance of "allyship" - the practice of emphasizing social justice, inclusion, and human rights by members of an ingroup, to advance the interests of an oppressed or marginalized outgroup. Allyship is part of the anti-oppression or anti-racist conversation, which puts into use social justice theories and ideals. [source: Wikipedia]
  • Making Newtown more LGBT+ Minority youth friendly perhaps via education for adults/parents.
  • Pursue collaboration with Peace Center, Bucks County Community College, Rainbow Room and Youth4Unity, Newtown Parks & Rec Dept, Newtown Twp & Boro Human Relations Committees,  CR North Gay Straight Alliance, etc.
  • Establish an official LOVE is LOVE Day in Newtown
  • And so much more...
Access the video & transcript of the meeting:    



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