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Supervisors Approve REVISED Pollution Reduction Plan

Video recorded Wednesday, June 12 2019, at the Newtown Township BOS Public Meeting

Video snippet from the June 12, 2019, Newtown Board of Supervisors meeting at which the REVISED Pollution Reduction Plan was discussed. The plan is required to meet the requirements of PA Dept of Environmental Protection (DEP) to reduce sediment from flowing into streams and lakes. The Township Manager (Micah Lewis) and Township Planner (Michele Fountain) specifically spoke about the revised meadow plan for Roberts Ridge Park (see plan below). Also discussed was how homeowner associations may be able to help the Township reduce the pollution of the various watersheds in town. The Board voted 4-1 in favor of submitting the plan - including the numerous public comments and responses from the Township Planner - to the DEP. Kyle Davis was the lone Supervisor voting "nay" - he did not give his reasons for opposing the motion.

Ms. Fountain noted that she has done similar work for quite a few other municipalities and "this by far beats any other municipality [regarding] residents' comments on the plan. It's a compliment to Newtown residents and how vested they are in the plan."

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All the public comments regarding the Pollution Reduction Plan and the responses by the Township to these comments/questions can be downloaded here.

The revised final meadow plan for Roberts Ridge Park (outlined in red) versus the original plan (outlined in yellow).

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