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BCPC RDA Analysis Overview for Newtown Area Jointure

At the December 2, 2021, Joint Zoning Council meeting, Bucks County Planning Commission representatives Jeremy Stoff and Lisa Wolff presented an analysis of new dwelling units demand through 2030 versus the supply on land potentially suitable for development.

The projected population growth for the Jointure by 2030 will be 1,000 people, which would require 410 housing units. Approximately 50% of these units (193) will be in "Residential Development Areas" (RDAs). The RDA zones* suitable for development would allow 992 units. Thus, there is a surplus of 799 (992 minus 193).

*RDA Zones
  • R-1 Residential 1
  • R-2 Residential 2
  • CR-1 Country Residential 1
  • CR-2 Country Residential 2
  • VR-1 Village Residential 1
  • VR-4 Village Residential 4

Listen to the presentation:

Mack's Newtown Voice · BCPC RDA Analysis Overview for Newtown Area Jointure
Breakdown by Jointure Township

Multi-family dwellings were also discussed. To match the average in Bucks County, the Jointure should have 4,200 such units. It currently has more than 4,600 units.

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