John Mack - Newtown Supervisor
Meet Mack Monday: 21 June 2021

The following is the video archive and notes from the June 21, 2021, Meet Mack Monday Zoom Meeting.

Agenda Items:

Starting the Budget Process. There have been calls from residents, township advisors and at least one supervisor to start the 2022 budget process sooner and give the public more opportunities to comment on proposed spending and taxes. I will review some of the recommendations for how the budget process should be changed.

Overview of Arcadia Land Development Plan. Arcadia at Newtown Holdings LP Final Major Plan submission was accepted on 4/20/21. The plan calls for approximately 60 lots (homes) each on 0.15 acres with an average sale price of $650,000. It also includes a potential access to the Newtown Bypass (pending PennDOT approval).

Overview of Wawa ZHB Hearing. The hearing for Provco/Wawa’s requests for variances officially began at the May 6, 2021, meeting of the Newtown Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB). Township Solicitor David Sander, representing the Township supervisors, requested a continuance of the hearing to allow the township expert ample time to draft a report and prepare for the hearing. Thus, no evidence was taken and the hearing was continued at the June 3, 2021 ZHB meeting. We will review the testimony and cross examination of witnesses at that meeting and try to anticipate what will be covered at the next session scheduled for July 8.

Other items discussed

  • Progress Report on Lower Dolington Road Trail Project. 
  • Spending COVID Relief Money: What SHOULD The Money Be Used For? Preliminary survey results & discussion.
  • Hybrid Public Meetings: Should Newtown implement "hybrid" in-person/online township public meetings where officials meet in person as before COVID-19 but the public has the option to participate remotely via Zoom (or other technology) or in person? Preliminary survey results & discussion.
Video Archive

Meeting Notes

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