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From - April 2, 2021
This year, two Newtown Board of Supervisor seats are up for election: One six-year seat currently occupied by Republican Kyle Davis and one two-year seat currently occupied by Democrat David Oxley.

What are the issues that will shape the campaign to fill these seats?

For more than 4 years now, I have been hosting my "Issues of Importance to Newtown Township Residents" survey. A lot has happened during that time and no doubt some issues have become more important this past year. And those issues will likely influence who wins the coveted BOS seats.

Read more about those issues...

From - April 1, 2021
[See map above for planned Wawa’s in the Newtown area. Not included is the Wawa planned for Newtown itself!]

"Did you see that new Wawa?"

Expect to hear that a lot this year as the convenience store and gas station chain, which originally started off as an iron foundry, expands to nearly ever comer of Bucks County.

Plans have been submitted at the local and county levels for new locations and for expansions of current stores. On March 17, plans were submitted for a Super Wawa on the Newtown Bypass at Silver Lake Road in Newtown Township.*

But, when Wawa moves in, or plans to, its not always welcomed by the community.
John Mack's Insights:
*A Little history of Wawa in Newtown - "A Wawa in the Park":

Silver Lake Park at the intersection of the Bypass and Lindenhurst Rd achieved fame in May 2017 when a certain Supervisor suggested it as a potential site for Wawa (read "Idea To Bring Wawa To Newtown". Two supervisors attempted to pursue this at the time after talking to an owner of an athletic club who was also approached by Wawa to build on property he had a stake in another property on the Bypass. All this happened before I was elected a supervisor in November 2017.

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From - April 5, 2021
[Image: Lt. Governor John Fettermen supports legalization of cannabis and is running for PA State Senator.]

New Jersey. New York. Virginia. One by one, Pennsylvania’s neighbors are moving to legalize recreational cannabis for adults. There’s majority support for doing the same thing here: A March poll from Franklin & Marshall College showed 59% support among registered voters for legalization.

And after years of saying he wouldn’t endorse such a move, Gov. Tom Wolf changed his position in 2019 and has committed to signing a bill if it reaches his desk.

But in order for that to happen, the idea would need to gain backing among the Republican lawmakers who control both the state House and Senate.

People, according to Fetterman’s report, [are] concerned about “cannabis acting as a ‘gateway’ drug.” That’s a long-standing anxiety and complex topic. While some people who use cannabis may also use other drugs, there isn’t definitive proof that cannabis is the cause.*

John Mack's Insights:
*Plumstead Police Chief David Mettin was one of the front runner applicants for Newtown Chief of Police back in 2019 when he was Pennridge Regional Police Chief. Mettin’s position on drug addiction made an impression on me. He also did not believe that marijuana was a “gateway” drug leading to opioid addiction. In fact, opioids provided by physicians are a major factor in drug abuse.
Last month, false threats reported through the state's Safe2Say Something caused Upper Bucks Technical School and schools at Quakertown School District close and hold classes through virtual learning. At the time, Quakertown Community School District Superintendent Bill Harner told parents, that the system, run by the Attorney General's Office, was being "weaponized."
"What has happened is the S2SS platform, which was designed to help us identify problems and get help for those children who need it, is being weaponized against our school community," his statement reads in part.
Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said the application, in the "vast majority" of instances in the county, is being used appropriately. “It has led us to expose potential harms before they occur, and that's the whole goal to keep our kids safe in school," he said.
John Mack's Insights:
How important is school safety to you? What about rising taxes, overdevelopment, bringing new business to Newtown, preservation of open space? These are important issues every year, but especially this year when two Newtown Board of Supervisor seats are up for election.  
What are the issues that will shape the campaign to fill these seats? Read more about those issues and TAKE MY SURVEY.  
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From - March 30, 2021
The following is an email message sent to the Newtown Township Supervisors and several other elected officials from Fred Kachuk, a concerned Newtown Twp resident.

Hello neighbors,

Warmer weather and sunshine are finally here! Please consider taking the PENNDOT Transportation Survey before Wednesday, April 14. This is an opportunity to comment about those daily annoyances that you would like to have fixed. I’ve submitted several comments online, and below are two which may also interest you.

John Mack's Insights:
Now that Arcadia will be building 70 homes at the intersection of Buck Road and the Bypass (read "Newtown Township Supervisors Approved a Settlement Agreement with Arcadia"), it may be a good idea to add a pedestrian bridge at that location. Just sayin'.

From - March 29, 2021
Introducing the 2021 Human Relations Commission: In January 2021, the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors appointed new members to the Human Rights Commission (HRC), which was established by the 2018 Anti-Discrimination Ordinance.
Read more about the members...

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