John Mack - Newtown Supervisor

Report on WaWa Presentation Before the Planning Commission

Newtown Township Board of Supervisors Meeting, July 25, 2018

Allen Fidler, Chair of Newtown Township's Planning Commission, summarized the Commission's opinion regarding the proposed Wawa superstore on the Newtown Bypass. "The informal consensus of the Commission [was] not in favor of this particular use at this site," reported Fiddler. Listen to his comments in this video clip:

At the August 7, 2018, Newtown Planning Commission meeting, member Paul Cohen objected to Chairman Fidler's characterization that the informal "consensus" of the Commission was not in favor of a Super Wawa at the proposed location on Newtown Bypass. Mr. Cohen suggested that this characterization in the minutes did not accurately reflect the conversation of members of the Commission. Listen to his comments below.

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