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Residents Speak Out Against Arcadia Decision

Many angry residents attended the February 24, 2021, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting to oppose a settlement with the Arcadia developer to build 60 homes at Buck Road and the Bypass.

None perhaps were more angry than Eric Scott Gold, a resident of Eagle Ridge whose lawyer advised the HOA to settle its case against Arcadia (see his statement below). In this short audio clip, Mr. Gold lashes out against me (John Mack) for voting in favor of the settlement. Mr. Sander objected to his language and Chairman Phil Calabro had to calm everyone down.

Mack's Newtown Voice · Residents Lash Out at Supervisor Mack & Solicitor Dave Sander at Arcadia Meeting

My statement Posted to the Newtown Crossing Neighborhood FB Group

Resident KT asked: “Sir, why are we putting so much focus on [Steve] Harris [legal counsel to Eagle Ridge HOA]?

My response: “I was very impressed with Mr. Harris in another case before the BOS. He represents Eagle Ridge. If the BOS is going to spend money helping the Eagle Ridge case that money would go to Harris. Therefore, I have to listen to his assessment very carefully if I am to spend taxpayer money on a case he is working on. And he essentially advised us that the best option was to settle.

“I was very eager to fight this case, but after hearing (1) the assessment from 2 different lawyers [Mr. Sander – Newtown Solicitor, and Harris], and (2) comments from residents who are in favor of settling, it is not a slam dunk decision. This has not been DOA - it's been a long process. What disturbed me about the process up till this point was how un

informed the residents were despite my best efforts to keep them informed.” I might add my impression is that many residents who opposed this settlement would not be swayed and were willing to go down fighting. I was not willing to do that, especially using other taxpayers’ money.

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