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Guide to Newtown Website - Lesson #2

How to Access Important Financial Information

This lesson shows you how to access important township financial information on the Newtown Township website. It specifically focuses on how to find Bills Lists and Treasurer’s Reports on the Newtown Township's website and how to analyze the data for useful insights.

There’s lots of interesting financial information available such as the approved annual budgets, financial statements – which are yearly audits - and monthly treasurer’s reports, etc. These are high-level data, but not data about who gets paid for what. That's the kind of information found in Bills Lists.

The Treasurer’s Report gives you expenditure information to-date for each department such as the Police Department and compares that with the total yearly expenditure planned for by the budget.

See Lesson #1: How to Access Agendas and Minutes of Public Meetings

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CORRECTION:In May 2021, Treasurer's Report for Police Expenditures, the year-to-date total expenditure is actually $1.873 million (not $3.8 million as stated in the video), which is 33% of the total 2020 budgeted amount of $5.676.
An Easier Way

If you want an easier way to access recent Bills Lists and Treasuer's Reports, you should visit my DataBank where I keep copies of these and other important public documents that may be difficult to find on the township's website.

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