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Residents Speak Out Against Proposed Use of Taylor Farm House

At the August 11, 2021, Board of Supervisors meeting, several Newtown Township residents, including Dan Romanelli commented negatively on the proposed use of the Taylor Farm House as a shelter for abused women (watch the video clip below). Mr. Romanelli was uncertain where the jurisdiction of Newtown Township ends and where the County, which owns the property, begins. "According to my research," said Mr. Romanelli in an email message, "a farmhouse on a Historic Preserved Farm should only have a FAMILY OF 5 not a business operation of residents, doctors, staff and security. This is a grey area that the County and YWCA are teetering."

From - Aug 5, 2021
Now that emergency measures are no longer mandatory but with COVID variants emerging, the Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) meetings and other public meetings are exclusively live in-person events. Residents, regardless of their age, disability, or susceptibility to COVID, must attend to make their views known.

There is no need to put the public at risk. Many residents overwhelmingly support "hybrid" public meetings that make it easier for them to attend important public meetings such as BOS meetings by giving them the option to not only attend in person but also to attend virtually via Zoom or some other remote technology.

As a Newtown Supervisor, I strongly believe that hybrid meetings will allow more residents to attend meetings and participate in local government. If you agree, I urge you to sign my Petition to the Board of Supervisors.

John Mack's Insights:
Residents Can't Hear Supervisors at Meeting!

Several residents complained at the August 11, 2021, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) in-person meeting and afterward that they could not hear the supervisors even when seated near the front of the room!

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From - Aug 13, 2021
At the August 11, 2021, Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, Newtown Friends Home & Village Board Chairman Terry Christiansen asked if there is an process in place whereby non-profit groups such as his can apply for a share of the $1,024,920.93 American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds that the township has received.

The intent of ARP is to allocate money for several initiatives, including funds for local municipalities to bolster the economy and support not-for-profits in the local community that had been severely impacted during the COVID pandemic. Mr. Christiansen noted that the cost of COVID mitigation efforts incurred by the Friends Village was significant.

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John Mack's Insights:

To answer his question, to date (August 13, 2021), there is no such procedure yet in place for non-profits to request a share of ARP funds that Newtown Township has in the bank.

[The author, Stacey Smith, lives in Perkasie.]

Newtown Township, Pa - On Thursday, July 29, 2021 at approximately 7:00 am, The Newtown Police Department assisted numerous Federal Agents from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), The Department of Labor, US Health & Human Services & other Federal branches with three search warrants at each of the KVK Tech facilities located within Newtown Township; 100 Campus Drive, 110 Terry Drive, and 114 Pheasant Run related to ongoing Federal investigations. The warrants were executed simultaneously at approximately 7:00am by these agencies at the three sites.

John Mack's Insights:

From a June 11, 2021, notice published by the PA District Attorney's Office:

"Acting United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams announced that generic drug manufacturer KVK-TECH, Inc., headquartered in Newtown, PA, Murty Vepuri (69), and Ashvin Panchal, (50), also of Newtown, were charged by Indictment with conspiracy to defraud the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) arising from the alleged distribution of unapproved drugs as well as alleged efforts to mislead the FDA and conceal information which could impact drug safety and effectiveness.

"KVK-TECH was also charged with one count of mail fraud arising from the alleged sale of unapproved drugs to customers who believed the drugs were made with the approval of the FDA."
From - July 31, 2021
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) invites the public to a virtual plans display regarding the Swamp Road Bridge Rehabilitation Project, located over a Tributary to Neshaminy Creek in Newtown Township, Bucks County. This project will rehabilitate the bridge by reconstructing a stone masonry retaining wall and repairing the existing stone masonry bridge components.

Traffic Impact: During construction, traffic will be detoured around the project area. The proposed detour route will use Worthington Mill Road to Route 413 (Durham Road) to the Newtown Bypass. Vehicular access to the neighborhoods and homes on Swamp Road will remain available when the detour is in place.

Project Schedule: The project is currently in preliminary engineering and construction work is expected to begin in fall 2024. Following the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts, a virtual plans display is available for review and comment online from August 1, 2021, to August 30, 2021.

John Mack's Insights:
The traffic on Durham Road will be horrendous! I anticipate this means even more heavy quarry truck traffic on Durham Rd exiting perhaps onto Stoopville Road or perhaps straight down to the Bypass! Download the Public Comment Form.

From - Aug 14, 2021
Newtown resident Frank McCarron stood before the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) at the August 11, 2021, public meeting and asked some very important questions.

Mr. McCarron wanted to know if the township looked at the 5-year financial plan provided by consultants at substantial cost to see if the predictions were borne out and what the impact would be on the 2022 budget.

Mr. McCarron noted that the 2021 budget called for the hiring of new NTPD officers and a total of 5 new officers may join the force in 2021. He asked if any of these would be officers of color in order to make the NTPD more diverse.

Finally, Mr. McCarron called upon the township to implement hybrid meetings that would allow remote/online participation of residents in Newtown Township Board of Supervisors' meetings via Zoom or some other appropriate technology.

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From - Aug 15, 2021
We, the undersigned residents of Newtown Crossing, hereby request a meeting between our Homeowner’s Association representatives, Newtown Township representatives and responsible officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to discuss a decision regarding planned changes to an intersection at an entrance to our development. We believe the planned changes will create a dangerous interchange for traffic in our community.

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