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Summary of May 9, 2018 BOS Public Meeting

You may not have the time to download and read the entire minutes from meetings of the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS), or the approved minutes may not yet be available on the Township website (here), so I created this summary from the May 9, 2018,  public meeting. I also included some links to related information including video clips from meetings. I'll do the same for future meetings. This is not a complete list of items discussed.


Drive-thru Starbucks: This conditional use application is for the conditional use for an E5 and E6 eating place adjacent to the relocated Bank of America. The motion to approve the application failed 5-0. [Read "Newtown Board of Supervisors Shoots Down Drive-thru Starbucks"]

Parks and Recreation

Veterans Park Bleachers: Mrs. Dix motioned to authorize the purchase and installation of eight sets of bleachers for Veterans Park from General Recreation, Inc., through the PA COSTARS program, in the amount of $36,084.00. Ms. Bobrin seconded, and the motion passed 5-0.

Public Safety

Crime Statistics: Police Chief Pasqualini reviewed the calls for service for April 2018: 1,493 total calls, 101 traffic citations, 7 DUIs, 1 underage drinking, 1 aggravated assault, 3 overdoses, 1 Narcan use, 17 fraud/wire frauds/ credit card/ATM fraud, 10 harassments, 12 thefts, 51 accidents, 122 medical emergencies, 32 suspicious circumstances, and 27 disputes/disturbances/civil disputes. There were 260 total calls for service to Wrightstown.

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