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Feedback from Newtown Residents on the Issues

Dozens of people have taken my Newtown Issues Survey, which asks respondents to rank several issues in terms of importance to them. These issues include:

  • Keeping Taxes Low
  • Quality of Drinking Water
  • Prescription & Illegal Drug Abuse
  • Bringing New Business to the Town
  • Preservation of Open Space
  • Condition of Roads
  • Plus others

There is also a space for people to give me their opinion about issues/topics not on the list. The following are some of the comments I have received. You can take the survey here and give me your feedback as well. As always, you may remain anonymous and your comments & personal information (if supplied) are confidential and will not be revealed to any 3rd-party. After you complete the survey, you will be able to see a summary of responses (not including any comments or personally-identified information).

If elected Supervisor, I hope to do more surveys like this to get opinions from residents on issues as they come before the Board of Supervisors. I don't have all the answers, but I'm a fast learner.

Walking Paths

Comment from a resident of Eagleton Farms:

"We need more walking paths - including connections between those that already exist, programs and activities for our growing 55+ population, and a strategy for getting rid of the geese."

My reponse:

I think the Township is working on that - at least the walking path part. According to the minutes of the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors meeting, Wednesday, August 10, 2016, the Town contracted with Gilmore& Associates to develop a comprehensive, long term plan for trails throughout the Township. A committee was formed with members from the Newtown Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), Planning Commission, Park and Recreation Board, staff and Board of Supervisors to work with residents to develop the plan.

In a future newsletter I will report on the progress to date. Subscribe here to receive it by e-mail as soon as it is published.

As for the geese... they should "migrate already!"

Comments from a resident of the Whispering Wood section of Newtown Grant:

"Would love to see the township made more walkable, with more sidewalks and crosswalks connecting neighborhoods with shops; also need to address parking problem in the shopping center, especially Goodnoe's corner."

My reponse:

Not sure about Goodnoe's corner, but there are plans to "revitalize" the Village at Newtown shopping center with many new restaurants, banks, and sidewalks connecting them. Not sure we need more banks and parking may still be an issue -- I've heard there will be as many as 40 restaurants located there!


Of course, people are concerend about taxes. One survey respondent, however, put it into perspective: "Of course no one likes paying taxes, but so long as the services they pay for are desirable and clear to see, they are worth it. Progressive Taxes are the basis of a civilized society. Thank you for this chance to state my views."

Meanwhile, Newtown has one of the lowest property tax millage in the area.

Property Tax Millage

Drug Abuse

"Heroine (sic) abuse and deaths plague not just this town but this county. Arresting a victim of this drug is senseles (sic). I would like to see more awareness and education about this poison that is on our streets."

This is an important issue to me, especially regarding the manufacture and distribution of opioids by KVK Tech right here in Newtown (for more on that read "Attacking the Root of the Opioid Crisis - Pharmaceutical Companies").

It's Not About Politics

Finally, one survey respondent gave us a good piece of advice: "Stop voting along party lines and start working together to find solutions to community issues."

I'm in favor of that and would like to hear from both R's and D's and I's and every one else! Please take my survey below!


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