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Every Vote Counts!

Every Vote Counts!

[Excerpted from a speech I made on Sept 29, 2017, at a "Get Out the Vote" rally outside Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s Langhorne office.]

As a member of the Country Bend Homeowners’ Association Board I have been very effective in implementing much needed improvements that have enhanced the quality of life of residents. From that experience, I’ve learned that you cannot implement change alone – you must get the community involved. One way of doing that is by better communication and volunteerism.

That is why I am here today – to communicate to you the need to get more involved in local elections by volunteering. Many of you here are already doing that. Thank you! If not, let me introduce you to Joe, the Field Organizer for Lower Bucks County Democrats, which means he coordinates the efforts of volunteers who wish to help with canvassing, phones call, or whatever else is needed to win.

As Joe will attest, Democrats cannot wait until the 2018 and 2020 elections to build the grassroots infrastructure needed to secure victory; they must build now during the 2017 elections. This includes investing in local and county races, as theory and research suggests that higher voter turnout during local elections leads to higher voter turnout in the following mid-term or presidential election (read "The Importance to Democrats of Getting Out the Vote in 2017").

Here's a video of the rally, which, in addition to my speech, includes a song by Lynda Mintz and a speech by David Bria, Democratic candidate for Yardley Borough Council.

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