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Summary of January 23, 2019, BOS Public Meeting

Summary of January 23, 2019, BOS Public Meeting

The following is a brief summary of the January 23, 2019, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS Definition) meeting based upon the official minutes of that meeting, which you can find here. See how Supervisors voted on motions (click here).

Committee Reports

Newtown Township Human Relations Commission: Mr. Mack provided an update on the Human Relations Commission (HRC) Definition and that a contact was recently provided for Mr. Summerson of the PA Human Rights Commission whom he had met. Mr. Mack noted that Mr. Summerson will be doing the Training for the HRC, and noted that the commission needed to appoint a chairman and must be advertised in accordance with the Sunshine Law. A date will be determined for the organization. Mr. Mack made a motion to authorize the Township Manager to work with the HRC and come up with a date for advertisement. Mr. Fisher seconded, motion passed 5-0. Mr. Lewis stated that he will contact the entire committee.

Planning Commission: Commission vice Chair, Ms. Peggy Driscoll provided the Planning Commission report which included a Conditional Use Definition application for FairyGene Inc. of 121 Friends Lane, Suite 202, in the Friends Lane Commons development. The property was formerly occupied by Centrak. Applicants are planning to use 5,000 sq. ft. for cosmetic product manufacturing by combining non-hazardous ingredients with water to make a cream-like product. There will be no retail or export sales and signage will not be necessary. No testing or experiments on animals would be done.

Mr. Sander framed a motion for the Applicant’s Conditional Use application to permit the Applicant to operate a Use G-1 - Manufacturing Use at the Property, which approval is subject to the Applicant’s compliance with several conditions. The motion passed 5-0.

Fiscal Responsibility

DCED Early Intervention Program Grant: Resolution making a supplemental appropriation of funds in the 2019 Budget to allow $40,000 to be allocated for the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Definition Early Intervention Program (EIP) Definition.

Motion was made by Ms. Bobrin to approve the Resolution making a supplemental appropriation of funds in the 2019 Budget to allow $40,000 to be allocated for the DCED EIP. The motion was seconded by Mr. Fisher. The motion passed 4-1 with Mr. Davis dissenting.

Andrew Sheaf Answers Questions About DCED's Early Intervention Program:

Land Development

Bucks County Community College Waiver of Stormwater Management: The Applicant is requesting a waiver of Township Storm Water Management Definition requirements related to a campus core revitalization project. Dr. Shanblatt explained that the intent and purpose of the project was to improve the campus core to make it more walkable, and to include landscaping, and porous and non-porous paving surfaces.

Mr. Fisher made a motion to grant the Waiver of Stormwater Management subject to the review and approval of maintenance procedures for porous paving areas. Ms. Bobrin seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.

Lower Dolington Trail: Mr. Lewis noted that the grant period for the 2019 DCNR Definition Grant is now open. Mr. Lewis recommended that the township apply for the 2019 DCNR Grant for the Lower Dolington Trail. Mr. Lewis provided a brief overview of the project, and noted that the Township was declined for the 2018 grant. It was a consensus of the Board to apply for the grant funding again in 2019.

Public Safety

Dr. Harry Carter gave a brief overview of the 2018 Fire and Emergency Services Study: Mr. Mack questioned how the location of the [recommended] fire house was determined. Dr. Carter outlined response times given to him by the Department. Mr. Davis questioned the rationale for moving the fire department just outside of the Borough. Dr. Carter explained that the recommendation was made to reduce response time.Mr. Mack questioned the recommendation as the National Fire Protection Association standards are less than the standard. Dr. Carter confirmed that finding, however the recommendation is based on the community. Mr. Mack commented that new taxes would be required to develop a new fire house location.

Mr. Mack also questioned the necessity of the recommendation for new apparatus. Dr. Carter elaborated on the recommendation to purchase a 75-foot Quintuple and defined what a quick response vehicle is. Dr. Carter also explained what a combination fire department includes, and involves.

Mr. Calabro asked why we have not needed 7-day coverage until now. Dr. Carter said the recommendation came from interviews with paid and volunteer staff. Mr. Calabro asked if the mutual aid agreements provide the Township with enough coverage during the evening and weekend hours.

Mr. Mack Reported on the Opioid Forum in Newtown Borough: He noted that the PA Attorney General [Josh Shapiro] was in attendance, and is considering litigation against opioid manufactures. The most moving presentation was by former addicts. Mr. Mack also stated that Feb. 16 the BCATO will have a discussion panel to discuss the opioid crisis

Speaking at a local the Opioid Community Forum on January 17, 2019, PA State Attorney Josh Shapiro said prescription drugs are providing the “jet fuel driving this crisis” and that is why PA is one of 4 states leading a 41 state investigation of pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors that “I hold responsible for a huge part of this crisis.”

Purchase of Police Vehicles: Motion to purchase 3 police vehicles through Fred Beans Inc. through COSTARS in the amount of $92,269.00. Motion was made by Ms. Bobrin, seconded by Mr. Fisher. The motion passed 5-0.

Motion to advertise for the purchase of two police motorcycles, lighting and equipment through PennBID. Mr. Lewis noted that these purchases would be reimbursed through the Keystone Communities Grant. Motion was made by Ms. Bobrin, seconded by Mr. Fisher. The motion passed 5-0.

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