John Mack - Newtown Supervisor
Supervisors Mack and Fisher Win Big in Newtown Primary

Supervisors Mack and Fisher Win Big in Newtown Primary

The vote count for Newtown Supervisor in the 2019 Primary election is now official. Incumbent Democratic Supervisors John Mack and Dennis Fisher topped the chart in number of votes received (see chart).

Newtown Supervisor Mack made an impressive showing. "Many people told me how much they appreciated my efforts to keep residents informed," noted Mr. Mack. Mack racked up more than 50% more votes than his Republican rivals. He won in all 8 Newtown Township districts as demonstrated in the following chart.

[Recall that Mack Beat the Pants Off His Competition in 2017.]

Vote Tally by Newtown Twp District

You can see the vote tallies for all candidates on the ballot in Newtown Township here.

Onward to the Main event!

Although this was a Primary in which both Democrat and Republican candidates for Supervisor were uncontested, it demonstrated that the "Blue Wave" is still strong in Newtown Township and suggests that the wave will continue to roll on to the main event: the November 5 municipal election! 


Posted on 23 May 2019, 01:50 - Category: Voting

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