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2020 Road Repair Program

2020 Road Repair Program

After much delay due to COVID-19 re-allocation of repair funds to the General Fund (read "2020 Road Program Falls Victim to COVID-19" and see below), the revised road repair program is underway.

The 1.0 mill real estate tax slated to be used to borrow money to repave more than 5 miles of roads in 2020 was "re-allocated" to cover General Fund expenses - a drastic move in anticipation of an Earned Income Tax (EIT) revenue shortfall of 8-11% due to the COVID-19 shutdown of local businesses. That shortfall, however, never materialized. According to Keystone Collections, which collects EIT, at the close of August 2020, Bucks Tax Collection District (TCD) ended up with an increase of about $1.6million from 2019. As it stands now, the TCD as a whole is up a little over $55,000.00 in 5th quarter money! Comparing earned income collections for 1/1/20 – 8/31/20 vs 1/1/19 – 8/31/19, Newtown Township specifically is up about $258,000.00 or 4.8%.

At the July 8, 2020, Board of Supervisors meeting (here), the township engineer reported that after discussion with Township staff it was decided to complete the work included under the base bid and alternate bids 7, 8, and 9. The total is roughly 2.8 miles of roads.

2020 Road Repair showing "base bid" roads. Not shown are "alternate bid" roads that include all of Fountain Farm Lane, Newtown Gate Drive, and a portion of Upper Silver Lake Road.

The following roads are scheduled to be repaved in 2020:

  • Swamp Rd (from the Bypass to Sycamore St)
  • Fountain Farm Ln
  • Newtown Gate Dr
  • Penns St
  • Upper Silver Lake Rd (From Newtown Yardley Rd to Vera Ave)
  • Silver Lake Rd (between N. Penns Trail & L. Dolington Rd)
  • Newtown Yardley Rd (Patch Paving between Tara Blvd & N. Penns Trail)
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